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Chinese beers dominate global top ten

TS - 16 Sep - Top Ten Beers - ImageDrinks Business has announced the top ten selling beers in the world and the results may surprise. Not only are the top two beers from China but four of the top eight beers are Chinese. While China’s per capita beer consumption is roughly one half to one third of most Western nations, the sheer size of the population there means China is currently the world’s largest producer and consumer of beer in raw terms.

Here are the official top ten selling beers in the world, according to Drinks Business:

10. Coors Light

9. Brahma

8. Harbin

7. Heineken

6. Yanjing

5. Skol

4. Budweiser (United States)

3. Bud Light

2. Tsingtao

1. Snow.

Snow’s dominance should not be a total shock as it has now been the world’s best selling beer for three years in a row. It is also backed by two huge multinational beer companies. Only three of the top ten beers (Tsingtao, Bud, and Heineken) are easily available in New Zealand.

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