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Winegrowers reject claim that South Africa is crowding out Kiwi wine in the UK

TS - 16 Sep - Sav - ImageNew Zealand Winegrowers Chief Executive Officer Philip Gregan has completely rejected a British media report that exports of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc to Britain have slowed as consumers switch to South African wines. Mr Gregan said there has been an 11 per cent increase in Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc exported to the United Kingdom for the year ending August 2014.

He acknowledged there had been a slowdown in the supply of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc to the UK in 2012 and 2013 saying it “certainly did [slow down] following the smaller 2012 vintage which really constrained supplies out of New Zealand. If we haven’t got it, we can’t sell it… at the end of the day there is not much you can do about it.”

Mr Gregan was optimistic saying New Zealand’s wine industry should expect big sales growth within the next year from this year’s vintage.

Wine Marlborough’s general manager Marcus Pickens agreed saying the smaller vintage in 2012 had hit overseas markets but that sales of Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc were now increasing. “I think sales are definitely picking up,” said Mr Pickens.

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