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Time To Rethink How We Serve G&T

Weekender Drinks

It’s time to rethink the way we serve gin and tonic. Too often, this classic drink pairing is undermined by the use of subpar tonic. The truth is, a quality craft gin deserves more than just a standard tonic. It’s essential to understand that a tonic or mixer is not merely an add-on, but a key element that can either enhance or diminish the overall drink experience.

Choosing the right tonic or mixer for your gin can significantly influence the character of your drink. Just as a good chef knows how to pair ingredients to draw out the best flavours in a dish, so too should a gin connoisseur understand which tonic will best complement their choice of gin. The possibilities for flavour combinations are broad, and good pairings can lead to truly exceptional taste sensations. The reverse is also true and a poor pairing can leave a bad taste in the mouth.

Weekender Drinks’ new range of craft flavoured Gins are designed to work perfectly with local quality tonics and mixers. This makes exploring new mixers an enjoyable discovery. To make things even easier, Weekender also promotes ideal pairings to ensure your cocktail creation is exceptional.

Promoted cocktails and pairings are designed for every day drinkers. No fancy equipment, no specialist ingredients. Just good gin, good tonic & mixers, finished with garnishes that are easily accessible to every day drinkers.

Simple mixes

Weekender Classic dry

Weekender Classic dry gin pairs perfectly with East Imperial Tonic Water or East Imperial Superior Soda Water for a traditional G&T. Versatile and easy to drink, with highlights of savoury spice notes. Weekender Classic is a unique twist on a traditional dry gin that is subtle on the palette.


Weekender Peach gin pairs perfectly with East Imperial Tonic Water or the surprising companionship of East Imperial Thai Ginger Ale. Ripe juicy peaches harvested in the autumn. Weekender Peach brings together a sweet juicy tang, light acidity of floral stone fruit and delicate infusion of Juniper and spice.


Weekender Orange gin pairs perfectly with East Imperial Tonic Water or East Imperial Yuzu Lemonade. Weekender Orange is bursting with the zing of fresh cut navel oranges. It’s vibrant, bold, and citrus-forward, complemented by Juniper and spice.


Weekender Lemon gin pairs perfectly with East Imperial Tonic Water or the East Imperial Yuzu Tonic. Lemon is zesty, crisp and refreshing like a lemonade ice block. It’s lively and citrus-forward, gently balanced by Juniper and spice.

Weekender offers bar staff and hospitality managers a better option for their house gin offering. Premium local craft gin that won’t leave you reaching for the top shelf! This everyday craft gin is created by Kiwis for Kiwis, and offers a premium craft gin experience without the hefty price tag.

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