The Shout Magazine (New Zealand)

Monteith’s launches Mix6

Monteith’s is celebrating its 150th this year by unveiling a new mixed 330ml six pack, designed to make your beer aisle selection quicker and easier than usual.

Monteith’s Mix6 is one box including 330ml bottles of six popular Monteith’s craft beer styles – Monteith’s American Pale Ale, XPA, Highway IPA, Barber Lager, RIPA Red IPA and Pointers Pale Ale.

“We’ve been working with the team to make all our new brews accessible to Monteith’s faithful and Kiwis alike,” says Rob Marshall, Head Brewer at Monteith’s Brewing Co. “The new Monteith’s Mix6 is gives people more choice with six different beer styles all in one six convenient pack. This is a journey of discovery where you can let your taste buds do the talking in the ultimate taste experience.”