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New Garage Project bar opens in Christchurch

Pic credit: Vesuvio/Facebook

Garage Project has partnered with Christchurch jazz and tapas venue, Vesuvio, which will exclusively pour Garage Project brews.

According to the Pursuit of Hoppiness, Vesuvio owner-operators Rachel Powderly and Jonathan Gregory were undecided on how the curation of the beers on offer would work.

“When a mutual friend in the hospitality world floated the idea of a fully-branded Garage Project bar to both parties, the fit was obvious,” says Pursuit of Hoppiness’ Tim Newman.

“Vesuvio would get to sport that most illustrious of craft beer brands, while Garage Project themselves would gain a steady pipeline direct to the Christchurch market.”

With a wine bar already established across the courtyard, Newman says the taproom will exclusively focus on serving beer.

The space is designed like a “cave”, with low lighting and unadorned surrounds and it officially opened on Friday.

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