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New e-Learning for sellers and servers of alcohol

ServewiseServeWise is an exciting new national e-Learning tool recently developed for frontline sellers and servers of alcohol. The tool has been developed in response to industry as well as regulatory agency demand for improved standards of training and the creation of a level playing field across On, Off and Club licensed premises.  The project was led by the Health Promotion Agency in collaboration with ACC and a range of stakeholders that include regulatory and industry partners.

HPA’s Principal Advisor Drinking Environments, Mark Lyne states that the e-Learning provides a basic understanding of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act, with a strong focus on intoxication, minors, server intervention and host responsibility.  He goes on to say that the training employs a vibrant and engaging game format that utilises video and animation to assist the player’s learning.

Mark says that the training is tailored to meet the specific needs of both sellers of alcohol in off-licensed scenarios (i.e. bottle stores and supermarkets), and servers of alcohol, in on-licensed settings (i.e. bars, restaurants, cafes, clubs and entertainment venues). The modules take approximately an hour to complete and are free of charge. 

Licensees and managers will simply refer new staff members to a website where they will undertake the e-Learning. Staff will then show up on Day One of the job with a certificate of completion which the manager will copy and place on file.

The benefits to the industry and to regulatory agencies include:

– increased knowledge of legislation and personal liability amongst servers of alcohol

– increased consistency of training nationally

– the creation of a level playing field across all licenced premise types

– increased competencies across the sector at no cost to the sector or individual

– increased compliance with the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012.

Hospitality New Zealand’s National Operations Manager, Tracy Scott comments that ‘in today’s challenging trading environment, hospitality businesses are faced with a range of compliance matters that cost time and money. Training for all our staff is vital.  ServeWise is a practical and simple tool to support our obligations under the law, reduce alcohol-related harm and establish an enjoyable and hospitable environment for our customers.’

Australia provides similar training for all those entering the hospitality industry with its Responsible Service of Alcohol online training. In Australia, ALL servers of alcohol are expected to hold this basic certificate. In New Zealand there is currently no standardised core training for those entering a position where they sell or supply alcohol.

The e-Learning was developed by internationally recognised e-Learning developers with expertise added from local industry experts and regulatory authorities.