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French winery creates the world’s largest bottle of bubbly

Source: Luc Belaire

Premium French wine brand Luc Belaire has created the world’s largest bottle of bubbly, dubbed ZEUS – after the supreme ruler of the Greek gods.

At 45 litres (the equivalent of 60 standard bottles of Belaire wine), Belaire ZEUS is the largest bottle of bubbly currently available.

Its form stands at more than one meter in height and weighs 72.5kg when full, requiring three people to carry and pour it.

Belaire ZEUS’ bottle was seven years in the making, crafted by aerospace engineers using a procedure never undertaken before: a process of spin forming, machining, internal coating, powder coating and pressure testing.

Its steel form both insulates and protects the wine from extreme temperature makes it almost unbreakable.

Only two bottles of Belaire ZEUS have been produced – one is filled with Belaire’s signature Rare Rosé, and the second contains Luc Belaire Luxe, a demi sec.

Both are vinted at Belaire’s winery in the heart of Burgundy.

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