The Shout Magazine (New Zealand)

A champagne subscription? Don’t mind if we do…

Champagne Mumm has announced the launch of New Zealand’s first ever Champagne subscription service, Mumm Rosé Fridays.

In celebration of the traditionally summer serve, the limited edition service will deliver four bespoke kits across an eight-week period which highlight a different rosé Champagne occasion that can be enjoyed throughout the year; celebration, night in, picnic and party.

Each luxury kit will be delivered every second Friday and feature a chilled bottle of Mumm Rosé along with items to compliment the Champagne and the occasion, such as beautifully paired cupcakes, bespoke candles, beauty masks and lush bouquets of flowers, amongst other gifts.

Champagne Mumm will create just 100 subscription packages, available to order from The limited edition subscription costs $299.96, including shipping, for four kits across eight weeks and will run as a trial with further services to be considered in the future.

“Rosé Champagne is a beautiful drink you can enjoy all year round, and on many occasions, and this year we’ve made it even easier for people to enjoy Mumm Rosé, delivering it chilled straight to their door,” says says Champagne Mumm Ambassador, Ophelié Neil. “Each kit will contain an occasion in a box, and create a bespoke experience for consumers to enjoy.”

Mumm offers a bold Rosé Champagne that embodies a twist on the common floral and sweet notes of traditional rosé, and is a great accompaniment for seafood, charcuterie, as well as spicy Asian and African dishes. Mumm Rosé cocktails will challenge expectations and break convention, with unique ingredients and combinations set to kick-start your tastebuds.

The Rosé blend has aromas of fresh summer berries, vanilla and caramel which are sure to complement an afternoon relaxing with friends.