The Shout Magazine (New Zealand)

Brewing for the bushfires

Brewers from Australia, New Zealand and around the world have been invited to take part in a fundraising brew to assist in raising money for bushfire relief in Australia.

The aim of the Resilience Beer Project (Resilience was the name used by Sierra Nevada in the wake of the devastating fires that hit California in 2018), is for all interested brewers to brew the same beer to raise money to support those impacted by and fighting the bushfires that continue to burn in Australia.

Funds raised will be donated to multiple causes, with individual brewing companies invited to choose the destination for the money they raise.

Participating brewers are asked to stipulate how much they intend to brew and where they plan to sell it, whether that’s through their own venue or more widely through venues and bottleshops.

For more information and to register to take part, head to or