The Shout Magazine (New Zealand)

Yeastie Boys Pot Kettle Black

By Award-winning beer writer Neil Miller.

Brewer Stu McKinlay claims he made this beer to unite the hoppy beers that I adore, with the malty monster ales that he loves.

“Although it started out in my head as a very robust American Brown Ale, I now think of Pot Kettle Black as an American-style Porter or perhaps, a ‘new world style’,” he said . “PKB is a wonderfully balanced beer with notes of chocolate, stone fruit, liquorice, toffee and cleansing hop bitterness.”

He made it to test me. Do not tell the brewer – but it is actually lovely. I particularly enjoy using this beer to make Welsh Rarebit (basically posh savoury cheese on toast) eaten in the dark with an accompanying pint of said PKB. It makes me sleep well and dream of Scotland beating England at cricket. Oh, wait, we just did that.

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