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Taylor’s releases rare Port to celebrate the upcoming film ‘The King’s Man’

Credit: Taylor’s/Facebook

Taylor’s Port Wine and filmmaker Matthew Vaughn have announced the launch of a rare Port wine to celebrate 20th Century Studios’ upcoming film The King’s Man.

The idea for Taylor’s Very Old Tawny Port – Kingsman Edition – was born between Taylor’s Port and director Matthew Vaughn – recognising the shared values between Taylor’s and Kingsman: a sense of heritage and tradition, legacy, an obsession with detail and extraordinary product quality.

“Taylor’s embodies many of the values portrayed in the Kingsman universe, including a respect for heritage and craftsmanship and a quintessentially British sense of style and flair,” says Taylor’s Managing Director, Adrian Bridge.

“This Taylor’s Limited Edition Port will not only appeal to Kingsman devotees, it is also an exceptional Port of great age which will grace the cellars of collectors and connoisseurs of fine and rare wines.

“Our blenders have used their skill and expertise to create a unique blend matured for almost nine decades in seasoned oak casks and displaying the multi-layered complexity which only Port can achieve.”

In the era portrayed in The King’s Man, Port occupied a special place. By the time of the Great War, Port had become firmly established in British society as one of the finest of all wines, surrounded by a sense of ritual and a degree of reverence. It was not only in Britain that Port was held in high esteem; it was the favourite wine of Emperor Nicholas II of Russia.

During the Great War, large quantities of Port were shipped to the British and French armies stationed at the front.

During the conflict, thousands of cases of Taylor’s Port were supplied to the British Army Canteens. The British government considered Port so essential for soldiers’ morale that it sometimes threatened to commandeer shipments and divert them to the army to avoid shortages.

The King’s Man releases worldwide on February 12th, 2021.

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