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Invivo collaborates with Sarah Jessica Parker

Kiwi wine company Invivo has announced a wine collaboration with New York icon Sarah Jessica Parker.

Invivo is set to embark on a partnership with the actress and entrepreneur following months of discussions, time in New York and a wine tasting at SJP’s shoe boutique.

Loved worldwide for her acting, perfumes and her wildly successful shoes, Sarah Jessica Parker is gearing up to don her gumboots and stomp on grapes during a very collaborative process which will see a Sauvignon Blanc and Rose launch in NZ Winter 2019.

“I am a true wine lover and I love including wine in family dinners and occasions with friends, so this is a very exciting and fun project for me,” says Parker. “I’m so looking forward to every single stage of the creation. I intend to be very hands-on throughout the process, as I am with all my endeavors, and could not be partnering with a better brand than Invivo.”

Sarah Jessica Parker.

This new collaboration with SJP is not a celebrity endorsement; the actress will be involved in every aspect of the new wine, from the naming and label design to the winemaking itself and choosing the final blend. SJP is also a shareholder in the company, making this a long-term venture for both parties. Collaborations are already a familiar territory for Invivo – they’re also the guys behind UK talk show host Graham Norton’s extremely successful wine and recently released gin labels.

“We want this wine to be 100% Sarah Jessica Parker. So other than selecting the base wines for a Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé, I’ll be taking a back seat and letting her create the blends,” explains Invivo winemaker Rob Cameron. “It comes down to SJP’s palate and preferences. We want to create wines that she truly loves and wants to drink and share with friends.”

The blending, tasting and adjusting will be the exact same process that any other winemaker would follow, but with the guidance of SJP and overseen by Invivo. Flying the flag for New Zealand wine around the world, Invivo has received over 200 medals in international wine competitions including World’s Best Sauvignon Blanc, 90 point ratings from both Wine Advocate and Wine Spectator AND awarded Champion Pinot Noir at the 2018 New York Wine and Spirit Show.

“Invivo also sent me some of their other wine – which I LOVED – as well they told me a little bit more about their story,” says Parker. “I’m so looking forward to travelling to New Zealand to see where the grapes grow and the wine is made. The boys even brought me a pair of “gumboots” which they assure me are the height of Kiwi vineyard fashion. Regardless, happy to have and perhaps even wear them.”

Invivo’s Co-founder Tim Lightbourne says: “The partnership with Sarah Jessica feels like a perfect fit. We didn’t want a silent partner or just a familiar face – we wanted someone who will throw themselves into the process and make wine that’s all about them and reflects their (good) taste. We can already see this happening and can’t wait to taste the end product. New Zealand is already on the map for our wine, but this new collaboration will make it the height of fashion.”