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Mission Estate Pinot Gris: lighter in alcohol, lower in calories and full of flavour

rsz_1the_shout_enewsletter_-_5_august_-_mission_estateMission Estate has launched the new organically grown, naturally crafted, lighter in alcohol Mission Estate Pinot Gris.  It is 25 per cent lower in alcohol and 15 per cent lower in calories than Mission Estate’s standard Pinot Gris, but the winemakers are convinced it retains the distinctive acidity and floral aromas that make the varietal such a favourite with wine lovers.

In a press release, Mission Estate noted they “enjoyed a reputation for winemaking innovation spanning an extraordinary 163 years.  Pinot Gris, meanwhile, is a relative newcomer to New Zealand but, as observes, “has enjoyed a dramatic rise to fame and is now the third most popular white variety”.  Combine these two forces with the growing trend for lifestyle wines, and the result is the new Mission Estate Pinot Gris.”

The fruit is from a single vineyard, Mission Estate’s organically certified home block at Taradale where they’ve been growing grapes for over a century.  The grapes were harvested early and naturally fermented, creating a wine that is lighter in alcohol, yet still a crisp, beautifully balanced example of a classic Pinot Gris.  The Recommended Retail Price (RRP) is $16.