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A taste of New Zealand wine at Eurovision 2017

Invivo founders Tim Lightbourne and Dan Cameron with Graham Norton.

Invivo has announced it is the official wine of Eurovision 2017– New Zealand’s first ever involvement with European song contest that brings Europe to a standstill.

Since the competition began in 1956, New Zealand has never been invited to take part (Australia was granted permission to enter in 2015) but thanks to the boys at Invivo, we finally have our in!

“We’re the ideal wine to go with crazy hair, outrageous dresses, way too many wind machines and more white suits than should be legal without a prescription,” says Invivo’s co-founder, Tim Lightbourne.

Eurovision returns for its 61st year on 13 May and 43 countries will send their most flamboyant performers to represent them on a stage. With roughly 200 million people tuning in each year, it’s one of the biggest events on the musical calendar.

Lightbourne and Invivo co-founder/winemaker Rob Cameron’s involvement in the world’s largest singing competition is another first for the innovative pair.

The Invivo boys are known for spearheading New Zealand’s first equity crowdfunded winery before producing Graham Norton’s Own wines with Graham and later Paul Henry’s Own Pinot Noir in 2016.

It’s a fitting partnership, since New Zealand’s favourite chat show host and Invivo’s BFF Graham Norton is hosting Eurovision’s UK coverage. Of course, Graham will have a plentiful supply of his wine on hand during the event, courtesy of the Kiwi winemakers.