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Panhead founder buys Boneface Brewing

Panhead founder Mike Neilson and his wife Anna have bought Boneface Brewing, according to Michael Donaldson and The Pursuit of Hoppiness.

Mike and Anna will formally take over the Boneface business on or about July 1, depending on licensing other compliance issues, says Donaldson.

The couple registered a new business on May 24 called Neilson Brewery Ltd.

Until the takeover date, they are managing the business on behalf of the liquidators, BDO.

The Neilson’s started Panhead in 2013, selling it to Lion three years later for more than $15 million.

Donaldson says he asked Mike if he had any doubts about re-entering the brewing industry given the current economic conditions.

“There’s no doubt about it, it’s tough,” Mike told him. “When the industry was booming there were a lot of players in the market, and there still are. You just have to keep your level of exposure, and overheads, under control.

“The industry is fatigued and we know we’re going to have to bring a bit more excitement into the industry.”

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