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No spoiled brews with Veriflow

Veriflow system

Worried about spoilage organisms in your beer? The Veriflow system is the answer!

The system provides brewers with the ability to test and have results on-site – in under 4 hours with minimal hands-on time. The Veriflow system utilizes a mixture of PCR technology with traditional lateral flow testing, creating a highly sensitive and specific test, yet an easy to interpret result.

Simply take a sample of your beer or wort, follow the instructions to complete the PCR step, add your PCR treated sample to the Veriflow cassette of your choice and retract the switch for the result – one line means your beer is clear, two lines mean you have a contaminated batch.

Veriflow has kits available for a range of organisms including:

BrewPAL for Hop-resistant Pediococcus & Lactobacillus

BrewDEK for Brettanomyces / Dekkera species

BrewSTAT for Saccharomyces diastaticus

BrewMAP for Megasphaera and Pectinatus

To learn more about how the Veriflow system can help you, please contact the NZMS Scientific team on