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New gin from Curiosity – it’s a Classic!

Classic Curiosity Gin

If you are looking for that one gin to put in your bar or something to introduce the new gin
drinker to then Curiosity Gin’s newly released Classic is the gin to choose.

This latest release from the Curiosity Gin team is exceptionally smooth and softly juniper
forward, with gentle citrus playing off light bright spice and smooth sweet floral highlights.
Curiosity Classic delivers a perfectly balanced, classic botanical flavour profile to whatever gin based drink you are serving.

With versatility in mind, Classic was crafted to be a bartender’s delight and a treat for the
quietly curious. In the current gin world with countless flavours, botanicals and origins
available, choice can be overwhelming for the new or even experienced gin drinker.
Classic is your invitation to the curious new world of modern gins.

How curious are you and more importantly, how curious are your customers?
Where will you eventually land on the Curiosity Scale and how can you assist your customers in their gin adventures? Will you be quietly curious or will your gin journey lead you to a new passion in discovering the depth of flavour?

Find your curiosity for flavour in gins with a New Zealand twist. Who knows where a little curiosity will take you?