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New beer hall set to open on Auckland’s Ponsonby Road

The team behind The Parasol & Swing Company has announced a new venue set to take over an iconic space on Auckland’s Ponsonby Road.

The building at 198 Ponsonby road will be turned into four newly renovated, different spaces, under two main brands.

The lower level will be ‘The Broken Lantern’ – a beer hall/tavern at its roots, offering original cocktails, a huge selection of local craft beers, a wine menu focusing on natural and organic wines and food to match.

With decor by ‘The Art Department’, inspiration comes from the building’s 100-year-old Victoria roots, then modernised, with a hint of Lower East Side (NYC) street alley vibe thrown in to spice things up a little, says Founder Jason Rosen.

“One of the more unique features will be on one side of the main room, a wall dedicated to a local artist, who’s creating murals based on a given theme, and that theme will change every six months with the season (summer/winter) as we change the seasonal sections of our menus (food, wine, cocktails),” he says.

“This means although we will have a classic menu that will for the most part stay fairly consistent, every six months part of the main room’s energy will change, and to match it, the food and drinks.”

Rosen says out the back of the ground level will be a “large, glorious, sun drenched garden, completely re-done from the ground up” and on the upper floor will be a very differently themed high calibre cocktail lounge, and members pool room/theatre.

“Unfortunately due to the lockdowns, we will not be opening these at the same time,” he says. “We are planning to launch the lower level just after the lockdown has ended, with the upper level coming later in December most likely.”

For more on The Broken Lantern, click here.

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