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Kiwis keen to try new drinks in the on-premise

Over half of New Zealand consumers would buy drinks from a bottle shop or supermarket that they first tried and enjoyed in the on-premise – with 59% more likely to experiment and try new drinks in bars, restaurants and similar venues.

In their latest research, CGA by NielsenIQ surveyed 500 consumers across New Zealand who had visited pubs, bars and restaurants over the last three months to identify their past and planned visitation, their motivations and intentions, and also how crucial the on-premise in driving trial and experimentation of drinks categories and brands.

The proportion of consumers visiting the on-premise in New Zealand has remained fairly consistent over the last month, with visits driven mostly by food-led occasions.

Almost half of on-premise consumers are going out the same amount as usual, while one in five are actually going out more often than usual.

For those that are visiting the channel more often, these visits have been driven by treat or special occasions and the desire to try new venues.

The on-premise not only provides opportunities for suppliers and operators to capitalise on treat or special occasions, where consumers tend to spend more, it’s also essential for driving trial and experimentation amongst consumers.

59% of consumers in New Zealand are more likely to experiment and try new drinks in the on-premise, with over a third of consumers stating that they are experimental and like trying new drinks.

When it comes to innovation, consumers in New Zealand are more likely to have noticed NPD (new product development) over branded events; however, when activations are noticed they are very effective in driving positive brand perceptions.

NPD can be very effective in driving conversion, with 70% of consumers trialling a new product on exposure to it – and this trial is incredibly beneficial, as it leads to repeat purchases in both the on- and off-premise.

NPD also helps build strong brand positioning, with consumers more likely to consider the brand as ‘trendy’, ‘innovative’, and ‘exciting’ on exposure to new products.

In order to drive trial of NPD, operators and suppliers should provide free samples or promotional offers to encourage consumers to experiment without financial risks.

James Phillips, Director of Client Solutions: Asia Pacific, said: “Consumers in New Zealand are open to trialing new drink brands and categories – but successful product launches and brand activations need to cut through the noise to leverage consumer engagement and build positive brand perceptions.”

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