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‘No vax, no entry’ policy likely to be enforced in bars

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has confirmed that a ‘no vaccination, no entry’ policy is likely to be enforced to control COVID-19 and as an incentive to get vaccination rates up.

With a goal to have 90% of the country vaccinated in order to stop further lockdowns, Ardern told The Weekend Herald that ‘vaccination passes’ will be introduced if vaccination uptake stalled short of that mark.

The passes would restrict entry to some venues to vaccinated people only or possibly those who could prove a negative test.

These venues would include crowded places such as restaurants, sports stadiums, concerts, bars and night clubs.

“I do think options like that we should consider whether or not it is an extra way we can still get to go out and enjoy events and things in a way that doesn’t come at a great cost to everyone,” said Ardern.

“But they might not necessarily be something that you have to use forever. Denmark used them for a period, a few months, and now it is optional.”

A new survey of New Zealand Restaurant Association members shows a mixed response to vaccination passports for entry into hospitality venues.

When asked if they would support the introduction of a passport style document showing that a person has been vaccinated to enter hospitality venues and events, 26% supported the idea but only at Alert Level 2 or higher; 23% supported the idea at all levels and 16% were unsure.

The details of any other restrictions that will apply at high vaccination rates are set to be released in the next few weeks.

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