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Kea World Class New Zealand Award for Peter Yealands

Yealands Wine Group Founder, Peter Yealands

Yealands Wine Group Founder, Peter Yealands

Yealands Wine Group Founder, Peter Yealands, has been honoured with a 2016 Kea World Class New Zealand Award.  The World Class New Zealand Awards are New Zealand’s top individual achievement awards being presented annually by Kea.

Best known for being the Founder of Yealands Estate wines, based in Marlborough, Peter Yealands has made his mark as a world leader in sustainable wine production. However, his entrepreneurial vision, successes and contributions to New Zealand reach far back beyond wine-making.

Upon receiving the award Peter Yealands first thanked his wife, Violet, and children, Aaron and Danielle, before reflecting upon his achievement. “This award captures and demonstrates the free spirit of every New Zealander. I have been very fortunate, but it takes more than good fortune to reach a goal, it takes determination and perseverance. It takes time and a lot of hard work but most of all it takes a team effort. It’s team work that has put me where I am today and it will be team work that will put me where I am going,” said Yealands.

Ngapera Riley, Global Director at Kea, said: “We strongly feel that Pete exemplifies every element of a World Class New Zealander. His story inspires and motivates New Zealanders to work hard and think big. His life work is world-leading and world changing. Some of the many examples of this includes, founding the first carbon zero winery in the world, his use of world first GPS technology in vineyards, and his influence on the changing face of aquaculture and deer farming in New Zealand. Also he is leading the way for sustainable New Zealand businesses and being recognised and awarded internationally for this. In addition, Peter’s commitment to the land and sustainability, his strong family values and the fact that he has turned his passion into a global business are just a few of the many reasons why he is a truly deserving recipient of the 2016 Word Class New Zealand Award.”