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Complex Holidays Act review & reform welcomed

Complex Holidays Act review & reform welcomed

The Restaurant Association of New Zealand has welcomed the government’s proposal to improve the Holidays Act, marking a significant step forward in addressing long-standing issues that have affected both employees and employers across the country.

The complexities and challenges posed by the current Holidays Act have been widely acknowledged, with MP, Hon Brooke van Velden, (the Minister of Internal Affairs, and Workplace Relations & Safety), referencing notable cases within the public sector itself, such as MBIE, finding themselves inadvertently non-compliant.

The result has caused significant legal and financial burdens on businesses striving to navigate the Act’s complexities.

“Reforming the Holidays Act is a relief for both small and large businesses in the hospitality industry, who have been asking for a less complex and a more straight forward way of working out holiday entitlements,” said Marisa Bidois, CEO of the Restaurant Association.

“The hospitality sector, known for its diverse and flexible working arrangements, has been particularly disadvantaged under the existing framework, which fails to accommodate the reality of varied work patterns beyond the standard 40-hour work week.

“We welcome the signal from the Minister to pursue enduring solutions to the Holidays Act that can adapt to the constantly evolving nature of work and business needs.

“We would also like to see less complex and burdensome compliance requirements on business,” added Bidois.

The association is optimistic that any updates to the legislation will reflect the dynamic needs of the hospitality industry, offering clarity and simplicity to employers

Hon Van Helden also expressed her commitment to gathering insights from essential stakeholders who will be required to implement the Act. She emphasised the importance of making it practical for all parties involved, ranging from large multinational companies to small, family-operated restaurants in small towns.

“We welcome the opportunity to work with the government alongside our members to review these changes, ensuring they meet the needs of the sector,” concluded Bidois.

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