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Good Cocktail Co. cocktail rim garnishes

Good Cocktail Co. has added three new cocktail rim garnishes to its range: Berry & Lime; Chilli & Sweet Orange Salt; and Ginger & Passionfruit.

All the rim garnishes are all-natural, gluten free, and 100% vegan, making them ideal for all cocktail lovers to enjoy. Each pouch of cocktail rim garnish (40g) will garnish 20 cocktails.

The cocktail rim garnishes can be paired with any cocktail; however, the best pairings (as recommended by Good Cocktail Co.) include:

Berry & Lime: Pair with a Daiquiri
Chilli & Sweet Orange Salt: Pair with a Margarita
Ginger & Passionfruit: Pair with a Mojito

Good Cocktail Co. garnishes are priced from $6.99 per pack.

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