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NZ wins bid to host International Cool Climate Wine Symposium (ICCWS)

The New Zealand Society for Viticulture and Oenology (NZSVO) has announced they are the next hosts of the International Cool Climate Wine Symposium (ICCWS).

Having successfully hosted this globally renowned conference twice previously, the NZSVO see their winning bid as an acclamation of their previous efforts and a confirmation of the world-wide interest in New Zealand wine.

“It is quite the coup that the NZSVO have secured another opportunity to host the ICCWS,” says Philip Gregan, CEO of NZ Winegrowers.

“It will be such a pleasure to share the New Zealand wine story with our industry peers and reveal how far we’ve come since New Zealand last hosted the ICCWS 20 years ago.”

The NZSVO exists for the promotion and dissemination of technical information in viticulture, oenology and related sciences for the benefit of the grape and wine industries of New Zealand.

The primary role of its committee of 10 is to organise annual technical workshops for their industry colleagues with the intention of discussing current trends, sharing knowledge and providing analytic insights.

The committee is comprised of industry leaders, mentors and innovators and together they provide a well versed approach to curating engaging and educational workshop programmes.

Several of the current committee members contributed to the successful hosting of New Zealand’s previous two ICCWS.

The NZSVO commenced their application to host the 11th ICCWS in 2019, prior to borders closing to COVID-19 and prior to the completion of the Te Pae conference centre in Christchurch.

Three years on, and the state-of-the-art Te Pae is now completed and open.

In addition to sharing cutting edge technology and the latest industry research, the NZSVO is committed to offering an immersive NZ experience.

“We have partnered with Tourism New Zealand and NZ Winegrowers to offer delegates a mix of experience packages for the shoulder dates of our conference,” says NZSVO chair, Jeff Sinnott.

“We have such a beautiful country and diverse range of wine growing regions. It would be a disservice not to provide visiting delegates with the opportunity to experience NZ beyond the event four walls.”

For more information on the ICCWS, click here.

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