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Design NZ’s next Fernet Branca Challenge Coin 2022!

Fernet Branca coins

The 2022 coin design contest starts on Fri 1st April, & closes Sat 14th May

What is a Fernet Challenge Coin?

Originating from the ‘bartenders handshake’, Fernet Branca coins symbolise bartender community membership. Travelling across oceans and continents, they not only represent a momentary achievement but an authentic collectible, jealously guarded as a status symbol and a privilege.

Read all about them here:

How to enter a design to be the next NZ Challenge Coin?

  • To enter, you must be an individual who works in or is employed by an On Premise venue in NZ during time for promotion, must be 18YO+. See T&Cs for more detail.
  • Step 1: Create your own original design in picture format for the New Zealand Fernet Branca Challenge coin. Your picture must be an original design created by you and include your interpretation of New Zealand themes appropriate for the brand.
  • Step 2: Email your design before the Entry Deadline (Sat 14th May) to as a valid computer image file.
  • Step 3: Images will be reviewed to be assessed versus entry criteria by the Federal Merchants & Co. and Fernet Branca judging team.
  • Step 4: Winner & Winning Coin Design Announced on Federal Merchants Facebook Page – 2 June 2022

What do you win?

The winning design will not only be used to create the 2022 New Zealand Fernet Branca Challenge Coin, but you’ll also receive a framed coin featuring your design!