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Bill on low-alcohol beer in supermarkets welcomed

Katherine Rich Chief Executive NZ Food & Grocery Council

Katherine Rich
Chief Executive NZ Food & Grocery Council

A bill that will allow zero-alcohol and very low alcohol beers to be sold alongside full-strength beer in supermarkets is welcomed by the grocery sector, says the New Zealand Food & Grocery Council.

The Sale and Supply of Alcohol (Display of Low-alcohol Beverages and Other Remedial Matters) Amendment Bill 2015 will change the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012. It was introduced to Parliament yesterday by Justice Minister Amy Adams and will receive its first reading next year.

Food & Grocery Council Chief Executive Katherine Rich said she was pleased the Government had moved to address what was an anomalous situation, where to comply with the law retailers have to put zero-alcohol beer in the soft drinks aisle. “I’m glad to see common sense has prevailed and this unintended consequence can be corrected in the law.

“It doesn’t make sense that these products can’t be put next to other beer when everyone wants to provide options and promote responsible drinking.

“I’m sure most political parties will agree this is a non-controversial clarification of the law and ensure it is expedited,” she said.