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Beer truck flips, party ensues, police are called

Image - TruckWhen a truck carrying “particularly strong local beer” overturned on a remote road between Lucknow and Delhi, the Times of India reported that villagers “swarmed” on a truck and helped themselves to free beer and started an impromptu roadside party.

It is important to note that locals first helped free the truck driver and his brother from the wreckage as they had received minor injuries during the smash. Then they turned their attention to its compromised cargo. As word spread, local villagers and passing commuters arrived with jerry cans, tumblers, jars and even plastic bags to salvage its stricken load and enjoying a bit of a roadside party in the process.

However, things quickly got out of hand and the Police were called in to control the situation. Inspector Sunil Kumar Sirohi of CB Ganj police station said “we controlled the situation. A case has been registered and investigation is under process. Traffic came to a halt at the site and it was only after the spill was cleared that the bypass was reopened for vehicles.”

It is virtually certain that none of the beer reached the intended destination. On the other hand, none of it was probably wasted either.