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#TKIF – Thank Krug It’s 5 O’Clock launches in New Zealand

rsz_krug_grande_cuvee_beauty_shot_2014Krug champagne and award-winning restaurant, The Grove, have come together to launch the latest in informal dining endeavors, #TKIF – Thank Krug It’s 5 O’Clock. Taking place from 5pm every day until the end of February 2015, #TKIF redefines the concept of casual after work drinks with a Krug Grande Cuvée and a canapé bar service mastered by top chef Ben Bayly.

Inspired by Krug Grand Cuvée, Ben Bayly has created a menu of gastronomic intrigue including a terrine of alpine salmon, faux foie gras, hazelnuts and asparagus, ‘Ika Mata’ of tuna and soft shell crab with coconut and a Mango lasagna with fromage frais.

“Joseph Krug’s vision was to create a champagne of undisputed quality, finesse and elegance and over twenty years of precision and devotion are needed to craft a single bottle of Krug Grande Cuvée. Michael Dearth and his team at The Grove are experts in gastronomy, which is why we have partnered with them to bring ‘Thank Krug It’s 5 O’Clock’ to New Zealand. It is the ultimate pleasure experience in champagne for those who love luxury”, says Rai Banbury, Krug senior brand manager.

#TKIF demonstrates to guests how to truly appreciate the art of food and wine matching,

taking this to new culinary heights at a casual hour of the day.