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Canary CheeseCanary individually quick frozen cheese portions save preparation time, reduces labour and wastage. Each portion is the same size and weight and can be conveniently used straight from the freezer or chiller. Imported from leading European cheese makers, the quality is everything you’d expect from a premium European cheese. The range includes some classic all-time favourites like Brie Slices 13g, Camembert Slices 6-13g, Blue Cheese Cubes 2g, Canary Greek Feta 2.5g, White Cheese Cube (Feta Style) 2g, Mozzarella Pearls 1g & 5g and Mozzarella Slices 14g.

Canary cheese portions offer simple, accurate and cost effective solutions for a range of foods and meals where cheese is an ingredient or component.  As our cheeses are pre-portioned untrained or inexperienced staff can easily use them.

Recommended uses include for pizza’s, pies, salads, panini’s, wraps, cheese boards, sandwiches, gourmet burgers, soups, pasta, platters and sauces.

Canary Director and founder of Kapiti Cheese, Ross McCallum, has evaluated these new and innovative cheeses and endorses the benefits and advantages they offer. Ross says “these pre-portioned cheeses will save time, labour and wastage and they are of a quality you would expect from a good European cheese”

Canari BocconciniThis product offers all the advantages associated with Canary pre-portioned Cheese products including:

  • Taste and texture identical to the original product
  • Stable and reliable quality, box after box
  • Fixed ingredient cost thanks to simple portion control
  • Easy handling, frozen or thawed
  • No clumping and no anti-caking agents added
  • Efficient stock management with a 12 month shelf life
  • Minimal product loss

Feedback from customers who have trialed the frozen cheese portions has been really positive with many commenting that these new frozen cheese portions offer opportunities as an ingredient that previously was impractical because of the  limitations from block or round form cheeses. We are very pleased to offer these cheeses at a very competitive prices – often cheaper than the existing block cheese.

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