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Australian breweries release Puck Futin Red Ale – Brewed for Ukraine

South Australian trio, Prancing Pony Brewery, Barossa Valley Brewing, and Route 9 Distillery, have joined forces to brew their Red Eye Pale Ale, renamed ‘Puck Futin’.

“My wife, Natalie, and her family are from Ukraine, and we are very connected to the Ukrainian community in Adelaide,” says Rob Watt, Managing Director of Route 9 Distillery.

“We couldn’t live with feeling helpless, as we watch the devastation being wreaked on this country.

“I approached Prancing Pony Brewery with this idea of brewing for Ukraine and, coincidentally, they were talking already about this to the brewing community.

“Within a day, we had Barossa Valley Brewing throwing themselves at the opportunity to brew with us.”

CEO of Prancing Pony Brewery, Corinna Steeb, together with her husband Frank, migrated from Europe and Corinna says the invasion reminds her of the Cold War days.

“This time, instead of communism, the ideological battle lines are between the democracies of the world and autocracies and dictatorship,” she says.

The red ale is brewed in South Australia, in collaboration with Pravda, a Ukrainian brewery which shared five of their brewing recipes and invited breweries from around the world to brew for the Ukrainian cause.

Sold in cartons of 12 x 375ml cans, ‘Puck Futin’ will be available for pre-sales in South Australia from Prancing Pony Brewery, Barossa Valley Brewing, and Route 9 Distillery.

The proceeds from the project will be donated to charities assisting with humanitarian aid in the Ukraine and for Ukrainian refugees.

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