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AMW launches Wine Map of Marlborough

Appellation Marlborough Wine (AMW) has launched the Wine Map of Marlborough, a reference tool that delineates the Marlborough wine growing region for the first time.

It has been 50 years since the first commercial vineyards were planted in Marlborough, with significant growth occurring and vines now occupying around 30,000 hectares.

“Naturally, subregions with distinct microclimates and stylistic features have been identified over this time,” says John Buchanan, AMW chair. “And the Wine Map of Marlborough represents the first geattempt to map these in a detailed way.”

AMW is a member-led organisation established in 2018 to protect the integrity, authenticity and brand value of wines produced within its region.

The map project was driven by the Marlborough Wine Map Collective (MWMC), a team of five AMW members including Simon Waghorn of Astrolabe, Matt Thomson and Sophie Parker-Thomson MW of Blank Canvas, Ivan Sutherland of Dog Point, Brian Bicknell of Mahi and Brendan Neylon of Rapaura Springs.

“We robustly debated and defined the current subregional hierarchy of Marlborough,” says Matt Thomson.

Over a two-year period, the group worked in consultation with Wellington-based cartographer Roger Smith of Geographx and local designer Megan Boreham of Eye Catcher Designs.

“The resulting ‘Wine Map of Marlborough’ is a vital resource in understanding the subregional detail and diversity of Marlborough,” says Buchanan. “We look forward to making it available to a wider audience, including industry colleagues, wine educators, and engaged consumers.”

Thomson says without a universal and accurate map, the default is a dangerous assumption that Marlborough is all the same.

“We know that is definitely not the case and we know this map will now enable everyone to start a more nuanced journey to understand sub-regionality and quality within our diverse region.”

The first edition of the Wine Map of Marlborough is a start in engendering greater understanding in the detail of Appellation Marlborough.

“Marlborough’s hugely diverse soils, micro-climates and ultimately terroirs, mean producers can craft wildly different expressions of sauvignon blanc here,” says Thomson.

“The vision is that wine enthusiasts will be able to use the map to pinpoint the subregional style they desire.”

Simon Waghorn says the Marlborough Wine Map is an important step in creating some guidelines and understanding around our variegated region.

“The Marlborough appellation can not and should not be simplified to the provincial boundary, we must take a lead from pioneering wine regions who’ve defined their land by geology and geography.”

Marlborough wine displaying the AMW icon on its label provide consumers with an assurance of origin and authenticity.

“These wines have been certified as a true expression of our region and contain 100% pure Marlborough fruit. This is an integral mark. A mark of integrity,” says Buchanan.

“The Marlborough Wine Map supports AMW’s efforts of promoting quality Marlborough wine and clearly illustrates the importance and interest of origin.”

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