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World Bartender Day – February 24

World Bartender Day is celebrated across the globe every year on February 24.

Bartending is one of the oldest professions known to man, with the first bartending job probably held in the 1400s.

It is said to have emerged several thousand years ago in various locations such as Rome, Greece, and Asia. At the time, bartenders would have been the innkeepers and owners of alehouses who would make their own brews and liquors to serve the patrons.

However, it wasn’t until the 1800s that the public would refrain from morally and ethically judging bartenders.

This was when Jerry Thomas, the “father of bartending”, became popular for the special cocktails he created in his bars in New York City. Thomas was the first one to write a book on bartending, called The Bar-Tender’s Guide, alternatively referred to as How to Mix Drinks, which was published in 1862.

Since then, the profession of bartending has gained more respect for the creativity, skill, and attention to detail that is involved in creating, making, and serving up drinks.

World Bartender Day celebrates the creative genius and talents of those at the bars all across the globe!

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