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The three S’s revisited

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With the return of Alert Level 2 for Auckland, we are revisiting the 3 S’s and what that means for hospitality venues operating in our biggest city.

Here are the guidelines for the 3 S’s set out by Hospitality New Zealand:


Unless someone is in your venue for takeaway ordering/pickup, everyone in your venue should be seated.

Customers should only be on the premises for the purposes of dining and best efforts should be made to limit customers dining in to durations of no longer than two hours.

Those customers on the premises for dining in are not able to access counter service.


Physical distancing of one metre must be maintained in a controlled environment.

The layout of the premises will need to be configured to maintain the distancing between tables and/or between groups.

Single Server

A single server, using table service, is required.

Staff should be allocated to zones/sections within the premises. In other words, only one staff member should be providing the service to all customers in each zone – that staff member will be the seater, order taker, food and beverage runner.

A server can have more than one table, but each table should only have one server, if possible.

Other things to consider:

Contact tracing registers/QR codes must be in place for collecting information from all customers, staff, and suppliers.

Queue management must be considered and at all times adhere to physical distancing of one metre in a controlled environment, and further if possible.

Gatherings (indoor and outdoor) are limited to 100 people maximum per venue (excluding staff). However, physical distancing requirements might require limiting the number of people to fewer than 100.

The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 requirements must continue to be adhered to at all times.

“Alert Level 2 is all about reducing risk,” says Bridget MacDonald, Executive Director of the NZ Alcohol Beverages Council.

“These guidelines are an essential tool for our restaurant, cafés and bars to set-up, open and operate in the safest way possible for their staff and customers – and so that we can stay safe and stay open.”

For further in-depth information on opening your venue during Alert Level 2, read the Guidelines for Hospitality in New Zealand here.

To download Level 2 customer-facing signage, click here.

Hospitality NZ is available for advice, but due to the current high volumes of enquiries, the best way to contact them is via email and the team will get in touch.

Hospitality NZ also suggests that businesses should also refer to the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Primary Industries guidelines for safe food practices and food safety.

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