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Smirnoff launches global social connections initiative

Smirnoff has unveiled multi-market activations to reignite social connections around the world.

With a recent report indicating that 79% of 18-29 year-olds feel their emotional connections are weaker today than they were in the past, Smirnoff’s new initiative aims to tackle feelings of disconnection and isolation around the world.

Rolling out in more than 20 countries, the initiative will bring local communities together through activities, partnerships and events that lean into local culture and passion-points, such as music, sport and dance.

These activations will be underpinned by a new global creative, Atomic, which brings this inclusive ethos to life through a playful “life is like a cocktail” metaphor.

Activations include using the medium of dance to reignite social connections across Brazil through Smirnoff’s partnership with popstar IZA to launch a unique track and dance challenge that has got everyone moving together.

In the US, Smirnoff has been using the power of sport to reignite social connections with an NFL partnership that encourages all fans to come together and celebrate their unique traditions and fandom for Game Days.

“Despite there being more ways than ever for us to connect with one another, we know that feelings of loneliness and isolation are rising around the world,” says Stephanie Jacoby, Smirnoff Global Brand Director.

“At Smirnoff, we fundamentally believe that we’re better when we’re together, which is why these acts feel so important and relevant for today.

“By reinforcing social connections and doubling down on our longstanding commitment to diversity and inclusivity, we aim to make it as easy as possible for as many people as possible to come together.”

More activities are being planned in markets all around the world over the coming months, including fresh partnerships and initiatives focussed on festival season and Pride – building on Smirnoff’s well-established commitment to the LGBTQIA+ community – and ensuring they continue to reignite social connections and bring people together.

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