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Scotland produces world’s strongest gin

The Twin River Distillery in Scotland has taken the gin and tonic to new heights, with the release of the world’s strongest gin, which comes in at a 77 per cent ABV.

Beating the previous record gin, which came from a Swedish distillery at 76 per cent ABV, the Twin Rivers Naked Gun ‘Uncut’ was launched at the North East Gin Festival in Scotland this weekend.

Speaking about the product, Twin River Brand Ambassador, Ryan Rhodes, said: ““When our head distiller, Liam Pennycook tasted the uncut spirit straight from the still, he decided it was too good not to share.

“By developing Uncut, we really wanted to push the boundaries – but obviously ask people to enjoy it sensibly.

“You have to appreciate that most gins are 40-50 per cent ABV so care must be taken when drinking this spirit and a small amount definitely goes a long way.

“To enjoy the punchy flavour profile, it’s best to sip it over ice with a twist of lemon. Our first edition Naked Gin has a strong undertone of juniper which many of our customers love. The fact we make it from scratch in our distillery gives it that extra feeling of provenance that a craft gin should have.”

Describing the gin’s flavour, Peter Sim, of Aberdeen and Inverurie Gin Club, said: “There is a creamy nutty scent, almost buttery, from their in-house neutral spirit made from barley.

“The alcohol has power but I still get heavy juniper and a sweet spiciness.”

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