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Something that the on- and off-premise shouldn’t have to deal with following two years of ups and downs is worrying about the safety of their physical premises and staff.

But sadly, this is now a reality with ram raids, burglaries and break-ins happening almost on the daily around New Zealand.

In this month’s issue of The Shout NZ, we offer some tips and advice on securing the safety of your business.

James O’Connell, CEO of The Hospitality Group offers some practical advice for managing costs in your business because losses don’t just have to be a result of thieves.

With rising inflation, it’s time to work on the systems and processes that will lead to healthy margins in your on-premise.

Plus, Reck Diogo, Security Consultant for IQ Security, explains the physical security measures – from cameras to bollards – you can put in place to ensure your stock and staff is safe.

Improvements may cost you but in the long run, it’s important your security is up-to-date so you won’t become a target.

And in other features, our experts share insights into rum, fruit & flavoured beer and cider, and some tasty red wines. Stay safe, team!

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