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New Zealand’s first AI gin

Kapiti Coast Distillery imagination has crafted a new London Dry Gin made entirely by using Artificial Intelligence.

The idea was born when imagination’s Creative Director Gavin Bradley was experimenting with the AI graphic programme Midjourney/Discord.

To create an image in the programme, you first have to type in ‘/imagine’ before you write your prompt and “it just seemed made for imagination”.

Distillers Chris Charteris and Simon Wilson then used ChatGPT to create the recipe for the gin.

“We simply wrote a request into the Chat window, ‘can you give us a recipe for a world’s best London Dry Gin’, then we refined it to be made with our specific style still,” says Charteris.

“Twenty seconds later, we had a recipe.”

Charteris says they then asked ChatGPT to suggest a secret ingredient they could add to make the recipe a little more unique and it offered up Cubeb Pepper, a spice from Indonesia that tastes like a combination of black pepper and allspice with hints of citrus and pine.

He says GPT-4 then came up with the name INTELLIGIN and wrote the tasting notes for the label and Midjourney/Discord created the image for the label.

“It will be interesting to see what response we receive from customers and industry,” says Charteris.

“The discussion around AI technology taking away peoples jobs has been an interesting one, but we believe the art of distilling will prevail.”

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