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New Zealand named fifth best country in the world for wine tourism

A new study by Bounce analysis has named New Zealand as the fifth best country in the world to visit for wine lovers.

The study focussed on factors such as wine consumption and production, number of vineyards and wine tours, and the average cost of a bottle of wine.

Bounce ranked 26 countries, giving a normalised score out of 10 for each factor before taking an average across all five factors.

Italy – the largest producer of wine at 82 million hectolitres per 100,000 people and 400 varieties – took the top spot.

Portugal was ranked second, thanks to having the highest number of wine tours of the countries studied, as well as being the biggest consumer of wine, with the country drinking 47 million hectolitres per 100,000 people.

In third place was Spain which has the highest amount of land for vineyards on the list, with 968.4 thousand hectares dedicated to viticulture.

Fourth place was France with an average of 0.39 litres per person drunk annually.

And New Zealand rounded out the top five thanks to our 4,062 wine tours and 40 thousand hectares dedicated to viniculture.

For the full survey results, click here.

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