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Negociants to distribute Terps & Co

Negociants NZ has announced a new collaboration with Terps & Co, a New Zealand artisan producer of alcohol-free spirits and RTDs.

Formulated around plant-based Terpenes, Terps & Co beverages mixed exactly as you would with the normal spirits they emulate.

They are classed as alcohol-free, low in calories, vegan, keto- and paleo-friendly with no added sugar.

“Considering the rapid rise in no- and-low alcohol beverages, the partnership with Terps & Co provides Negociants with a timely opportunity to play in the increasingly important category with a genuinely exciting and disruptive brand,” says General Manager of Negociants NZ, Dean McHenry.

James Crow, Co-owner of Terps & Co says access to more retailers and regions is just part of the reason they are excited to be partnering with Negociants.

“As customers’ perception of the non-alcoholic category changes, having a partner such as Negociants only goes further to legitimise the impact Terps & Co can have on how people manage their drink consumption for the better.”

Negociants New Zealand will be distributing the following products:

Tequila-style 750ml bottle
Vodka-vibe 750ml bottle
Gin-like 750ml bottle
Rum-esque 750ml bottle
Whiskey-feel 750ml bottle
Margarita-muse 250ml can
Monday-mule 250ml can
Gin-like & Tonic 250ml can

More information can be found at

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