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Monteith’s unveils new Sparkling Cider

Monteith’s has unveiled two new Sparkling Ciders – Brut Cuvée and Rosé Cuvée.

Inspired by the sparkling wine occasion, the new premium Monteith’s Sparkling Cider range is a refreshing new take on the traditional celebration occasion. Crafted using hand-picked apples from the Nelson region, they are a delicate blend of apple wines and the addition of wine yeast to create an 8% ABV cider.

Monteith’s Brut Cuvée is a dry style cider with apple notes and medium body; and the Monteith’s Rosé Cuvée which is an easy-drinking style, with aromas of apple and subtle hints of North American Cranberries for an elegant finish.

“What makes this Monteith’s cider different, apart from the obvious difference in bottle, is that we have left nothing to chance,” says David Sax, Monteith’s Chief Cider Maker. “It’s an elegant 750ml bottle under cork and cage – the best ingredients, the most meticulous and passionate craftsmen producing it, and the best cider crafting processes.”

Monteith’s Sparkling Cider is available from supermarkets, liquor retailers and at select bars around the country for RRP$12.99.