The Shout Magazine (New Zealand)

Moa unleashes its latest Festive IPA for Christmas

rsz_festive-ipa-pine_2015-3As the silly season approaches, Moa’s Festive IPA series has come full circle from its humble beginnings. Inspired by 2014’s first Festive IPA the Green Edition, the Moa brewers have been hard at work so that table settings can yet again be graced with a new Festive brew, the Pine Edition.

Super hoppy at 78 IBU, the brew is a step up on its predecessor the Green Edition as American hops take centre stage offering the traditional pine aroma many associate with Christmas. Head brewer David Nicholls would recommend serving the IPA in a Tulip Style aromatic glass over a meal of poultry or game surrounded by family and friends. Anyone for turkey and beer?