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Mills Reef launches new range


Mills Reef has announced the launch of a new range of wines, aptly named Bespoke.

Positioned between its iconic ‘Elspeth’ and ‘Reserve’ ranges, the ‘Bespoke’ range was inspired by a desire to offer exciting quality wine experiences that venture from the norm.

Mills Reef winemakers were given free reign to craft superior small-parcel lots – whether unconventional in varietal composition or style, nostalgic in nature, or a unique one-off.

Chief Winemaker Tim Preston says: “There are no firm rules and the inspiration for each wine can have entirely different foundations, but all will offer something different and exciting.

“It gives us an avenue to be creative and experimental, but also serious on quality, and to share those wonderful discoveries”.

Further symbolising the bespoke nature of these wines are the labels, which carry the winemaker’s fingerprint as testimony to their uniqueness.

Two wines form the inaugural annual release of Bespoke:

The first being 2016 Bespoke Chardonnay, which follows a nostalgic bent harking back to old-school styles of yester-year where voluptuousness, generosity and richness are hallmarks.

The second wine is 2015 Bespoke Cabernets, an unconventional yet exciting premium blend of 63% Cabernet Sauvignon and 37% Cabernet Franc, fusing their respective strengths of structure and aromatics.

The wines are to be launched during August and will be available from selected fine wine stores and restaurants.