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May 18 is World Whisky Day + big wins for Kiwi distillery

World Whisky Day is an annual, global day of whisky, which invites everyone to try a dram on the third Saturday in May.

The international event is a toast to the rich history, diverse flavours, and global impact of whisky and for the on-premise, embracing World Whisky Day is an opportunity to engage your customers and showcase your whisky selection.

Here’s how to leverage World Whisky Day in your on-premise:

Showcase diversity

World Whisky Day celebrates the global diversity of whisky, from Scotch in Scotland to bourbon in the United States, and everything in between.

Use this occasion to highlight your whisky selection – offer tastings, flights, or a special whisky-focused menu, featuring a variety of styles and regions.

By showcasing the breadth and depth of your whisky offerings, you can attract whisky experts and newcomers alike.

Educate customers

Why not hosting a whisky tasting or masterclasses to engage your customers in a fun and informative way?

Knowledgeable staff can guide customers through the whisky experience, sharing insights about production methods, flavour profiles, and food pairings.

Boost sales

Celebrating World Whisky Day can have a positive impact on your bottom line by driving sales and revenue.

Whisky enthusiasts may be more inclined to visit establishments that are actively participating in the celebration, especially if they offer special promotions, tastings, or events.

By capitalising on the interest in World Whisky Day, you can attract new customers, increase foot traffic, and boost sales of whisky-related products and offerings.

Big wins for Kiwi whisky distillery

New Zealand single malt whisky producer, Pōkeno, has secured an impressive haul of awards at the San Francisco World Spirits Awards – taking home two Double Gold Awards, a Gold and two Silver medals.

The Double Gold Awards, which are only given to spirits that unanimously receive gold medals from all judges in a blind tasting, were awarded to the Triple Distilled and Winter Malt expressions from Pōkeno’s special edition Exploration Series.

The third expression of this series, the Totara Cask, which is the first single malt whisky ever to be matured in a Totara wood barrel, received a Silver medal.

Two of Pōkeno’s signature single malts, Origin and Discovery, were also recognised with Gold and Silver medals respectively.

Pōkeno founder Matt Johns says the recognition not only places the whiskies among the world’s elite, it endorses the ‘discover different’ philosophy that drives them to experiment and push boundaries.

“New Zealand’s growing participation in the New World whisky movement can be seen in the number of distilleries being built here and the quality of single malts being produced.

“For us, it’s great to play a lead role and represent New Zealand and New World whisky on the global stage.”

You can join the World Whisky Day conversation on social media using #WorldWhiskyDay.

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