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Kiwis are still keen to support hospitality venues… even if prices rise.

More than one in four New Zealanders say they would continue to visit hospitality venues as often as they do now, even if prices rose by 10%, according to new research.

Commissioned by ordering, payments and marketing platform Mr Yum, the research also reveals that while 67% of New Zealanders say they usually rarely or never leave a tip for staff when visiting a bar or restaurant, more than one in three now say they would leave a tip for staff to support their favourite establishment.

The majority (59%) would also be likely to continue to go to the pub as often if the price of a pint increased by 50c, and almost one in two people say they’d still go out if the price of a pint rose by $1.

However, while the current Orange setting is helping New Zealand’s hospitality industry begin to recover from the past two years, more than four in 10 people are dining out less often today than they did prior to the pandemic.

Compared with prior to the pandemic, 61% of New Zealanders say they are now likely to choose a venue where they can order food and drink on their phone through a digital platform.

Wynyard Pavilion General Manager Damien McDowell says diners at the popular Auckland venue have embraced ordering food and drinks on their phone.

“Implementing order-and-pay technology has been fantastic for our venue when the whole industry is struggling with staff shortages,” he says.

More than seven in 10 say they’d now choose a pub that offers table service rather than ordering at the bar, and 66% say they’d choose a venue that has outdoor seating/dining areas over one without.

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