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Independent Brewery launches Haagen Strong

TS - Haagen - imageWith comparatively little fanfare, Independent Brewery (the brewing arm of Independent Liquor and New Zealand’s third biggest brewer after DB and Lion) has launched a new beer called Haagen Strong. As the name suggests, this is a big lager both in terms of size (500ml silver cans) and strength (7.2% ABV).

Although the brewery is now owned by Japanese drinks giant Asahi, Haagen Strong contains Nelson hops, along with malted barley, water and yeast. The can correctly notes that this is a European-style lager. This particular style is often nicknamed Super Lager because it generally involves strong beers in large cans. Famous European examples include Gordon’s Finest Gold, Skol Super Strength and Piraat Strong.

Many European super lagers are very cheap and taste it – rough and raw. Haagen Strong is more balanced and rounded. It will be interesting to see if Kiwis take to a stronger beer like this, particularly as the weather warms. Overall, the average strength of beer we drink is increasing slowly though that tends to be driven by the craft beer space.

However, to meet the needs of those drinkers who find this beer too strong, Independent Breweries has also launched Haagen Citrus. It is one of a growing number of fruit flavoured light lagers being released by the big breweries just in time for summer.

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