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Seas Matter: New Zealand wild-caught fish named the perfect protein

Seas Matter: New Zealand wild-caught fish named the perfect protein

Restaurants and food services across the country are displaying posters for a nationwide campaign called Seas Matter, which is educating Kiwis on the sustainable and nutritional benefits of eating wild-caught New Zealand fish.

A survey conducted by Seas Matter revealed only one-third of Kiwis are aware that fish is the most sustainable meat protein. More than three in 10 New Zealanders incorrectly believe chicken, lamb, beef, or pork are the most sustainable meats, while another 30 percent don’t know which meat is made using the least greenhouse gas emissions.

Launched by Sealord, Seas Matter addresses misconceptions about the sustainability of fish caught in New Zealand. Doug Paulin, Sealord’s Chief Executive, says the in-store posters and information cards are giving Kiwis confidence in the sustainability and nutritional value of the fish they enjoy.

Paulin explains, “It’s fantastic to have local fish sellers get on board with this campaign. They’re passionate about the catch they serve Kiwis, and it’s great to support them to teach customers more about the benefits of this perfect protein.”

The initiative comes after research by Dr. Ray Hilborn and the Sustainable Fisheries team at the University of Washington confirmed wild-caught fish was New Zealand’s lowest-emission meat protein. They compared the nutritional value of New Zealand Hoki to the carbon emissions associated with its harvesting and ranked that score against other meats.

Their findings show a single serving of wild-caught New Zealand fish provides 20 times more essential nutrients per unit of CO2 emissions compared to a serving of beef or lamb and has one of the best combinations of proteins and nutrients.

Dr. Ray Hilborn says the scores confirm New Zealand as one of the five most sustainable fisheries in the world. This recognition is backed by the International Marine Stewardship Council, which has awarded New Zealand a high sustainability ranking.

Keep an eye out for the bright blue poster educating Kiwis that New Zealand wild-caught fish is the perfect protein.

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