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Gearing up for New Zealand Organic Wine Week

Now in its fourth year, Organic Wine Week is seven days dedicated to celebrating New Zealand organic wine, its positive impact on ecosystems, and its importance to the New Zealand wine story.

Taking place from September 20-26, Organic Wine Week – created by Organic Winegrowers New Zealand (OWNZ) – is marked with a series of global online events, including virtual tastings and webinars, to increase awareness, educate consumers and support organic producers.

Around 10% of New Zealand wineries now produce fully certified organic wine. Some vineyards solely grow organic grapes for supply and others are adopting organic principals in various aspects of operation.

“Over the last 12 months we have seen a massive upswing in demand for organic wine,” says says Clive Dougall, Chair of the Producers’ Association Organic Winegrowers New Zealand.

“Consumer awareness is increasing as more and more people want to know where the product they are choosing comes from, how it’s grown and the impact it has on the environment.”

The benefits of drinking organic wine according to NZ Winegrowers:

  • You know what you’re consuming – all natural products and no synthetic chemicals
  • More flavour – healthy grapevines produce flavourful wines that are a true expression of the land
  • Protecting the landscape – healthier soils, waterways and biodiversity safe for bees and other beneficial insects
  • Supporting vineyard worker health
  • Collaborating for a more stable climate

How do I buy organic wine?

  • Many supermarkets have dedicated areas for organic products – wine included
  • Check wine labels – not always obvious but check the back and do some research
  • Shop at your local wine merchant or specialist – they are well versed in origin and which wines are authentically organic
  • Survey restaurant wine lists – if the menu style is sympathetic to organics and fresh, healthy food, it is likely wines have been given the same consideration.

For a calendar of Organic Wine Week events, click here.

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