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Parnell’s 269 will cater to all tastes and preferences!

Parnell’s 269 will cater to all tastes and preferences!

A new culinary experience is coming to Parnell mid-year, and excitement is building as it gets closer to opening its gates.

269, Auckland’s vibrant new food and beverage destination, is set to open on Parnell Road mid-year. The brainchild of Kevin Harvey, son of Les Harvey (Parnell’s founding father) 269 will be a food complex made up of seven permanent spaces that will be open all week – and a bustling weekend market with a European, Mediterranean and Latin American theme.

Tapas-sized portions will be the order of the day, so people can pop in for a small bite or stay all day over multiple glasses of wine and shared food. The focus will be on authentic vendors selling simple, tasty traditional food from their homelands. Tables will be communal, encouraging conversation and connection.

This is Harvey’s passion project, based on his love of food, people and community “On special days we want to have dancing, live theatre, and festival movies from all around the world. I want it to be alive like the markets in Europe or South America” he says.

“I feel like people need fun and some good food – we’ve all been through too much with COVID and everything. We need some joy and I want to help bring some colour back to Parnell. And my siblings, Nancy, Tom and I also want to protect and continue what Dad began.” 

Whether guests are in the mood for a quick bite of street food, a leisurely exploration of diverse tapas and wine, or a family-friendly outing with freshly made pizza, 269 will cater to all tastes and preferences; its versatility will ensure that every visit is different. 

This multifaceted space is poised to become a go-to spot for those seeking new tastes and community spirit in Auckland and marks a new chapter in Parnell’s culinary landscape, promising good food, great vibes and lots of fun!

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