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Finalists announced in Bay hospitality awards

Finalists announced in Bay hospitality awards

Finalists have been announced in the Restaurant Association of New Zealand Bay Hospitality Awards, celebrating the best dining establishments in the region as voted by the hospitality industry.

Craft beer, cocktails and square style pizza are the name of the game at Rita’s of Mount Maunganui who have secured an impressive four nominations including Outstanding Casual Dining, Ambience, Front of House team and Emerging Talent for Olivia Cook.

Fife Lane Kitchen & Bar, also with four nominations, is renowned for its authentic dining experience and sophisticated cocktails. The warmly lit space features natural wood and brick textures, an array of aged meats in a bespoke glass meat locker, and a curated selection of vintage wines stored in a dedicated wine room.

Their Mibrasa oven, a closed charcoal grill from Spain, imparts a distinctive aroma and flavour to their dishes. Fife Lane has secured nominations for Outstanding Establishment, Ambience, Front of House Team, and Outstanding Bartender for Scott Hinton.

Joining Fife Lane Kitchen & Bar in the Outstanding Establishment category are Lantern, Alpino and Solera.

Those looking for the hottest new joints in the region should check out Blondie, Jais Aben Bar & Bistro, Sailor Galley & Rum Bar and Saltwater who all received nominations in the category of Outstanding New Establishment.

In the Outstanding Chef category, David Bryson of Solera is joined by David O’Leary of Jais Aben Bar & Bistro, Perrin Yates of Sailor Galley & Rum Bar, and Scott Rowand of Alpino.

The region’s best casual eateries are recognised with Miss Gees Bar & Eatery, Palace Tavern, Rice Rice Baby and Rita’s all nominated in the category of Outstanding Casual Dining.

“The Bay of Plenty’s hospitality scene is a vibrant testament to the creativity, passion, and excellence within our industry. These awards not only celebrate our outstanding talent but also recognise the hard work and dedication that go into delivering exceptional dining experiences,” said Marisa Bidois, RANZ CEO.

Bay Hospitality Awards 2024 Finalists

Campari Outstanding Bartender

– Amy Fraser, Palace Tavern

– Brie Mclean, Picnicka Bar & Grill

– Marco Rodocanachi, MeXa

– Scott Hinton, Fife Lane Kitchen & Bar

Tevalis Outstanding Front of House Team

– Alpino

– Fife Lane Kitchen & Bar

– Lantern

– Rita’s

Bidfood Tauranga Outstanding Chef

– David Bryson, Solera

– David O’Leary, Jais Aben Bar & Bistro

– Perrin Yates, Sailor Galley & Rum Bar

– Scott Rowand, Alpino

Outstanding Emerging Talent

– Paris Harding, Pearl Kitchen

– Rhys Nixon, Miss Gees Bar & Eatery

– Olivia Cook, Rita’s

– Utsav Paudel, Master Kong The Mount

The Restaurant Association of NZ Outstanding Casual Dining

– Miss Gees Bar & Eatery

– Palace Tavern

– Rice Rice Baby

– Rita’s

The Restaurant Association of NZ Outstanding Establishment

– Fife Lane Kitchen & Bar

– Lantern

– Alpino

– Solera

The Restaurant Association of NZ Outstanding New Establishment

– Blondie

– Jais Aben Bar & Bistro

– Sailor Galley & Rum Bar

– Saltwater

OneMusic Outstanding Ambience

Palace Tavern

– Fife Lane Kitchen & Bar

– Picnicka

– Rita’s

The winners will be revealed on August 11.

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