The Shout Magazine (New Zealand)

Good George Brewing produces hand sanitiser

With the continuing spread of Covid-19 around New Zealand and the national shortage of hand sanitiser, Hamilton’s Good George Brewing has announced they are producing their own hand sanitiser.

Owner Jason Macklow says the brewers have a still onsite that is being used for whiskey production but will now be used to produce hand sanitiser. The brewery plans to have 1000 litres, the first of which has been bottled and distributed to local businesses.

“Our first batch of sanitiser has been distributed to our team, some local schools, offices, charities and even the NZ Defence Force,” Good George announced on Facebook on Monday, March 24. “We’re producing more bottles of sanitiser as fast as we can, provided that we can continue to access raw ingredients and we are allowed to keep going as an essential business.

“All going to plan, we should have bottles of our second batch available tomorrow and we are working on a proper way for people to order it online delivery.”

For more information on the Good George Hand Sanitiser, head to